A/c Rooms
Multi Cuisine Veg Restaurant
Huge Parking Space
Temple & Garden with Children’s play area
  A/c & Non A/c Rooms
Swimming Pool
Poolside Restaurant
2 Conference Halls

M/s Maatoshree Shelters Private Limited Incorporated on 31st October, 2002 with team of hardcore professionals and dedicated, assiduous professional management, striving for customer orientation approach. The company mission reflects the visionary of the management which is infused with customer oriented approach. Where stress is laid on the customer satisfaction Quality control and innovative thoughts.

Management’s professional abilities & vast experience in the same field backed by the adoption to innovation would make the projects successful. In a fast changing world where the whole definition of change has changed, corporations have no option but to innovate. Most of the real estate sector companies do not have professional and experienced Management in the same field which leads to doldrums; they cannot innovate & see the customer view.
tive approach.

We accept Sodexo Meal Pass Coupons at our Restaurant.
Contact us at : Maatoshree Shelters Pvt. Ltd, Vashi Navi Mumbai, Tel.: 91 - 022 - 39121500 / 600 / 700, Fax : 91 - 022 - 2766 3853, For Mumbai Booking : 9833887778
Sai moreshwar divine -
Green Building

An inspired peaceful space enveloped in Greenery

Location of about 1.5 k.m from SRI SAI BABA temple

DIVINE residential space
Sai Moreshwar Luxuria, Kharghar
Green Building

Located on 150m Wide Road

Feel with Lake ViewAround

Luxurious one Flat Per Floor
Moreshwar Angan, Kharghar
Breath Taking View Around Air Condition

Entrance Lobby Good Quality Lift

Health Club Ample Parking Space

Eartquake Resistence
Moreshwar Complex, Nerul
Few Minutes walk from Nerul & Seawoods Staion.

Decorative Entrance Lobby

Good Quality Lift

Intercom facility for safety of Residents
Moreshwar Apartments, Kharghar
Near Kharghar Railway Station

Entrance Lobby

Good Quality Lift

Good Elavation
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